Water Project

While three board members were in Ethiopia in January, FoH provided $32,000 to connect nearly three miles of molded plastic pipe from a spring to a water tank in the village. FoH paid for the materials, transportation, loading/unloading, and the carrying of some of the pipe to the spring. The local people dug the trench and connected the pipe.  The year before, FoH spent an additional $8,500 to build a second reservoir at the spring and a new water tank in the village in anticipation of connecting the two. With this, FoH increased the village’s daily water supply from5.5 gallons per day per person to about 11.0 gallons per day per person.  Now, many more families are able to bring water to their property.

School Project

In conjunction with a fundraiser conducted by George Washington Middle School last spring, FoH installed concrete floors in a rural school near the spring.  In addition, FoH purchased four blackboards, notebooks/pens for each student, soccer and volleyball nets, and a soccer and volleyball.  GWMS raised $3,330 from a social media blowout, collecting money at lunch, and donations from parents and friends.  FoH contributed an additional $1,000 to complete this project. Mr. Zach Fromm and Ms. Amy Mozena deserve many thanks, as well as the administration and staff, for their efforts on behalf of the children at the school. This is the second school that FoH has installed concrete floors.

Lero Project

After we returned from Ethiopia, board member, Joe Wagner, proposed an idea to help a young woman in Homacho named Lero, who was burned badly as a child. The skin from her arm was simply attached to her bicep area.  This greatly restricted her arm movement.  Joe suggested we call it the Lero Project and the board agreed.  Darryl and Terry Mozena agreed to contact friends and colleagues in the medical profession to see if they would be willing to help.  In a relatively short time, generous people responded and sufficient funds were received for Lero to have two surgeries. The first phase of the surgery has been completed and was successful.  Soon, Lero will have a second surgery to straighten her fingers.  This totally changes the direction of Lero’s life.  We are grateful for the outpouring of support for this project.

Current and Future Projects

 In January, board members Marcy Mueller and Don Koppes traveled to Homacho, Ethiopia. We walked to a new spring and talked with principals from three schools. Upon our return, we started meetings for a fundraiser. It was largely driven by Washington Middle School with assistance from Senior High School and Hempstead High School. On May 2, 2015, a Water Walk Relay named H2OforFoH was held at Murphy Park in Dubuque, Iowa. It consisted of teams from 3-5 members who carried buckets of water .5 miles around the paved road. Each member carried two buckets with 2 gallons of water before relaying it to a teammate. With sponsorships, gifts, and registrations, we earned just over $9,000. We had at least 25 people show up as volunteers. This money has been earmarked for our water project.


The board approved monies to put concrete floors in a rural school near Homacho that is a feeder school for Homacho High School. They have 12 classrooms with a total student population of 1,200 students. 11 of those rooms were dirt floors. Sand and stone were delivered before school was out. During the week of June 15th, the necessary bags of cement were delivered to Awosa School. In addition, LaSalle School in Luxemburg, Iowa, and Holy Cross, Iowa, donated monies to provide volleyball nets, volleyball, and a soccer ball to 4 rural schools that feed into Homacho.


Our biggest project is a work in progress. The new spring that was visited sits 510 feet above the village of Homacho. The board voted in May to move forward with this project because they just experienced a very dry season and had to ration water for the last several months. We sent the necessary money to have the foundation (retention basin) and a substation about .5 miles from the spring built. While the total cost seemed prohibitive initially, we are now within reach of being able to complete the rest of the project by buying the necessary pipe, connectors, and hardware. Within reach means we need to raise about $14,000 between now and December. Any money donated will go directly to finishing this water project.


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